Promotions and Coupons in your feed

In our recent webinar, Account Optimization and Analytics, we gave you a few feed optimization tips and we wanted to add a few more thoughts on this topic as it relates to the Marketing Message columns in your feed.

Mother’s Day promotions are going strong and last minute shoppers are still scrambling to buy those gifts. So what will make your Mother’s Day products and promotions stand out from the crowd? For procrastinators (such as myself), “Free Shipping” or “$20 off your total order!” is a promotion that’s sure to capture a shopper’s attention. These are the types of marketing message to add on a site-wide or category level, which is done through the messaging platform in your dashboard. If you missed our recent post on using these tools to add those last minute promotions and sales, here they are:

Adding Marketing Messages to your listings
Adding Coupons to your listings

But if you have product specific promotions, you can submit those marketing messages through the feed. Use the View Clicks by Products report to identify your best performing products – these metrics are available once you install the free campaign optimization tool, the ROI Optimizer. Give these top performers an extra conversion boost by adding a seasonal coupon code or special promotion. Continued testing of promotions and coupons for relevance is a best practice we recommend.

If you have rebates to promote on a brand level, you can also submit those through the feed. This is another way to increase your social presence.

Don’t forget – you can display multiple promos for the same CPC. If you are already bidding on a marketing message, include a column for the MSRP in addition to your listed price. Our system will automatically include a strikethrough price indicating the discount off MSRP as a part of your whole promotional messaging package. Shoppers can actually filter for discounts and coupons on our site so adding as many promotions as you can for the same CPC can increase your exposure at no extra cost:
Filter by Discount

Negative Buyer Feedback: Turn those lemons into lemonade!

Negative reviews sting.  Especially with the growing influence a brand’s online reputation can have on consumers making online purchases. The good news is that you can take action and make them work in your favor. According to this new study, you can turn these lemons into lemonade simply by responding to the buyer who left that negative feedback. The report shows that 34% of consumers deleted their original negative review, 33% posted a positive review and 18% said they became a loyal customer AFTER interacting with the retailer.


Nextag’s Buyer Review Feedback Loop enables you to resolve these issues quickly. First, you must implement the functionality that allows you to capture buyer reviews (please refer to this post  for details on how to start capturing buyer reviews). Once you are set up to start capturing buyer reviews, you can also set up alerts so that you are notified anytime a buyer posts a review with a rating beneath a certain threshold that is set by you. You can set these alerts right from your merchant dashboard in the Buyer Review section (within “POS survey builder”). For the negative reviews to which you wish to respond, we have a process in place that allows you to directly resolve the review with the customer.

Nextag’s Customer Contact and Feedback Process for poor customer reviews:

    • Email (please cc your Nextag account manager) and ask for our review team to reach out to the specific reviewer for permission to release their contact info. Please be sure to specify the date of review & “rated by” name.
    • If the reviewer responds with permission, we then forward the information to you for resolution. After you resolve the issue with the customer, they can then ask Nextag to remove their review (only the reviewer can request this). If the reviewer doesn’t provide permission for their contact info to be released, the only option is to “Respond to this feedback” 

Need more info on how to start capturing buyer reviews for your site? Read this.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (Isn’t everyone Irish on St. Paddy’s Day?)

New Webinar “Account Optimization and Analytics: Maximizing your Potential Revenue”

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Video: Uploading a Product File during Registration

This video covers how to upload a product file during step 4 of merchant registration.

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