A Letter from CEO Jeff Katz

I wanted to start the New Year by thanking you for your business. We appreciate it very much.


As the year begins, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you what we’re seeing for the year ahead, and what we’re doing to generate as much business for you, at an optimum cost-of-sale, as we can.


Increasing our value to you


Over the last two years, our largest advertising partner, Google, has launched a Shopping product that has emerged as a major competitor. We have certainly felt the impact of this, but according to third party data, we remain the largest independent comparison shopping product in terms of gross merchandise sales. We are also the largest comparison shopping site, according to our estimates, in driving mobile, social banner retargeting, and search traffic to your stores (online and offline). By participating at the highest levels with our various global sites, you’re gaining market share among comparison shoppers in all channels of the e-commerce world.


We have spent the last two years enhancing our technology to improve merchant conversion, to provide you the flexibility to bid on a SKU level for better visibility of your most important products, to optimize your marketing messages on our sites, and to have your pricing and product inventory more quickly updated.

With the launch of our Wize Commerce platform, we’re also now assisting many merchants directly with product ad serving and onsite monetization. Our Silhouette service allows you to boost revenues on a near risk-free basis (in most cases set-up requires less than two weeks). If you’re not familiar with these tools, I hope you’ll inquire so we can show you a few other cost-efficient ways to boost your performance.


For more than ten years, we’ve provided merchants like you with a substantial stream of revenue, always focused on cost-of-sale. If there’s anything we can do better, or any questions we can answer, feel free to contact us anytime, either via email or at 1-650-645-4700 x 3.


Thank you again for working with us. We look forward to discussing how we can help you increase revenue in 2013.



Changes to Google PLAs (and what that means for you)


On May 31st, Google announced plans to transition their free Google Product Search (GPS) to a purely commercial model based on Product Listing Ads (PLAs). The resulting experience is called Google Shopping, and is expected to be fully implemented by this fall. The ultimate goal is to improve the shopping experience by improving the accuracy and recency of product data. As a part of your partnership with Nextag, we are already navigating this landscape on your behalf. In the meantime, what changes can you expect in the near future?

  • PLA usage will increase. An estimated 5-10% of search traffic for retailers comes from GPS (source: IgnitionOne). As GPS is phased out, this traffic will be up for grabs, and PLAs will undoubtedly play a larger role in merchant bidding strategies.
  • Results page layout will change. As the transition progresses, expect Google to experiment with the page layout for their search results in order to find the optimal configuration. These new layouts may affect the performance of your other bidding vehicles. For example, these sample layouts show that PLAs may displace AdWords.
  • New PLA bidding options will be offered. Google has already announced their plans to allow “the opportunity to market special offers” (i.e. “30% off all refracting telescopes”). As Google Shopping matures, there will likely be other bidding features and options released to help merchants differentiate themselves – for a price.


You can find a complete list of current Google Shopping policies here.

As a Nextag merchant, you can rest knowing that we will be keeping a close eye on the progression of Google Shopping and its effect on your business. Regardless of the current or future structure, our strategies are always designed to maximize our merchants’ return on investment. If you would like to opt-out of this value added service, please contact us at sellersupport@nextag.com.

Live demo- New Tools for Q4

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Missed our webinar from last week? Don’t worry, check out our live recording.

Video: Top Placement

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Based on your feedback, we’ve enhanced our marketing platform by adding some brand new merchant marketing programs plus 2 new scopes of bidding to make messaging and bidding even more dynamic than ever. This video tutorial will cover how to bid on our new Top Placement program.

Video: Keyword and Brand Bidding

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Enjoy greater flexibility and precision promoting your products with our brand new “Merchandising and Performance Optimization” tool, located at the top of your seller dashboard. Based on your feedback, we’ve enhanced our marketing platform by adding keyword and brand bidding to make messaging and bidding even more dynamic than ever. Bidding on rank for relevant keywords will improve the positioning for products returned by that keyword search.