Happy New Year (final post of 2010!)

28 December 2010 | Holiday Tips,Nextag News

Whether you are digging your way out of one of the biggest snowstorms of the decade or just expecting a little rain for the next few days (or for the lucky few who are enjoying sunshine), we trust that your holidays have been festive so far. And with 2011 just a few days away, we *know* you are just as optimistic about the new year as we are at Nextag. So what can you expect from us next year? 

  • More selling opportunities – we’ve have some *really* exciting new merchandising opportunities coming up next year. Think mobile, think global, think big.
  • More enhancements- new tools and improvements to your dashboard along with updates to your existing tools to make selling your way even easier.
  • More help resources – expect brand new videos about buyer reviews and installing the ROI pixel – two very important merchant programs to add to your campaign (oh, did we mention that they were free?), starting next week. Sign up for updates because new resources are added weekly! Don’t believe us? Ask these folks.  

    All this means more sales for you in 2011! In the meantime get some well-deserved rest, break out the champagne and reward yourself for a very successful 2010. Cheers!

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