Holiday Tip #3: Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) Checklist

24 November 2010 | Holiday Tips,Merchant Programs

Ready for the double whammy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Here’s a quick checklist to ensure that you are making the most out of your Nextag listings during THE busiest shopping season of the year!

  1. Got Coupon Codes? Consumers really want coupons – ESPECIALLY for Black Friday/Cyber Monday when the competition for great deals is pretty stiff.  If you have an unbeatable holiday coupon code, prominently displaying it next to your listing is a quick way to get the shopper’s attention.  Install those hot holiday discount coupon codes right from your dashboard. More on coupons here. Which brings us to…
  2. Display those Marketing Messages! Letting people know about a great promotion (such as “Free Shipping”) is one of the easiest ways to set yourself apart from the rest.  Nextag’s Promotional Messaging Platform makes it easy to install and implement different marketing messages (and coupon codes) from the dashboard. Don’t forget – you can display multiple promos for the same CPC. More on marketing messages here.
  3. Turn on your Logo. Having your logo next to your listings will increase your store’s brand awareness, thereby lifting overall performance. Again, it’s easy to turn on your logo right from your dashboard – all you have to do is bid on it (make sure that it’s uploaded first!).
  4. Start grabbing Buyer Reviews. Having buyer reviews will help you build credibility with potential new buyers. Installing Nextag’s Buyer Review tool is easy. If you haven’t already jumped on implementing this free program, don’t wait any longer – just grab the code from the dashboard and you are ready to go.  And if you are already monitoring and managing your reviews with our tool, then you’re ready for the next step. 
  5. Get your Nextag Seller Badge. Add the Nextag Seller Badge to your website to help increase the number of reviews posted and also to promote your Seller status (like your star rating). By having the badge on your site, you can drive them to your review page with one click. 
  6. ROI Optimizer. With the increased traffic that you are experiencing right now, implementing this free tool will help you manage ROI and adjust your sales strategy as needed. Speaking of optimizing…
  7. Optimize your feed. Take out low performing products so conversion rates don’t suffer!

All of the merchant programs are accessible right from your merchant dashboard. If you have any questions about any of these programs or need help implementing one of our tools, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout. Call (650. 645. 4700 x 3) or email ( – we’re here to help!

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