Holiday Tip #1: Marketing Messages

22 September 2010 | Holiday Tips,Merchant Programs

It’s a busy time right now for our merchants as they prepare for the big Q4 shopping season. NexTag is dedicated to helping retailers thrive during the shopping rush so check back weekly for more merchant resources to guide you through our abundant tools. This week, let’s take a closer look at NexTag’s Promotional Messaging Platform and get those holiday promotional messages and coupons set up and ready to go in your Dashboard!

  • Go to: Dashboard ->Product Bidding ->Manage Bids by Category**
  • Select “Show all programs”

  • Set a bid either in “All Categories” or at a specific category level on the “Message” line item.
  • Click on “Update CPC”

You’ll see this view with the “Set Marketing Messages” link:

  • Click on “Set Marketing Messages” and start creating some promos!

  • Select from multiple message type (fee form, discounts or rebates) Did you know? Run multiple promotions by combining multiple message types – all for same CPC!
  • Set the promotion’s start and expiration date

And you’re done!

Marketing Message

Help us help you capitalize on all your holiday ventures. Don’t miss out on a single post from our series and be sure to check back next week for an in depth look at the coupon feature and how to use them to enhance your listings.

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**Alternatively, set up your marketing promotional messages directly in your feed. Please refer to the NexTag’s Product File Instructions. This can also be found at: Dashboard ->Product Listings -> Set Listing Options -> Nextag Product File Instructions

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