Holiday Tip #2: Coupons

27 October 2010 | Holiday Tips,Merchant Programs

Let’s talk about coupons. A recent study done earlier this year by InMar showed that internet distribution of coupons were up 92% and consumer redemption of these coupons are up 360% over last year. Borrell Associates expects the total value of online coupons redeemed to almost triple over the next five years, reaching $22 billion in 2014 (eMarketer).

Clearly today’s shoppers are looking for (and redeeming) online coupons more than ever! If you are a savvy retailer (and you must be, since you follow this blog), you know the importance of getting a coupon code in place before the holiday season. And many of Nextag’s top sellers have been doing so through our easy-to-use promotional marketing message platform:
  1. Go to:Dashboard->Product Bidding ->Manage Bids by Category
  2. Place a bid on the Marketing Message within the category that you are creating the coupon for and click on “Set Marketing Messages
  3. You can apply a coupon code to any of the 5 types of Marketing Messages. Once you select the type and template for your marketing message, you will see fields for the coupon code and the coupon URL as well as the start and end date for the coupon promotion
  4. Fill in your values, and the coupon information and hit create. You should see it listed in “Current Marketing Messages” on top, along with any other marketing message promotions you may already have running.
Hint: You can set multiple messages for the same listing all for the same CPC. So once you create a coupon code for your listing, add a marketing message about the coupon code to call more attention to your promotion.

So get those coupon codes up and running! Need extra help? We’re here. or 650-645-4700 Extention 3
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